TEN7 Employee Handbook We’re so glad you’re here.



Hopefully by now you know we like you! We see you as a part of this team. Please ask us as many questions as you like. Make mistakes! We all make them—it’s how we learn and continually improve. Try new things and fail. And, please share your opinion! We thrive on learning from each other. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. We’re a close-knit team and work to support one another!

We’ve put together this handbook so you have the tools and knowledge to be set up for success and you can get to know us better.

If you’re looking for our Contractor Guide, you can find that here.

Your First Day’s Duties

Your first day at TEN7 is easy: set up your computer, read this handbook, read a few articles and watch some videos—that’s it!

We’ve put all the tasks you need to do on the First Day Checklist.

Break the Ice

As a way to get to know each other, how about a few icebreaker questions? We use a service from Know Your Team to help us. It’s how we keep learning about each other, even though we’re distributed. You’ll receive an email from the service with instructions—don’t worry, it’s easy! And once you’ve answered the five questions, your answers will be shared with the team. You’ll receive a copy of what everyone else answered when they started, too.

Additionally, Know Your Team sends out a company question every Wednesday, and a social question on Friday. Each person’s answers are shared the following workday. We think it helps us keep a pulse on our culture. We take employee submissions for questions too—just send them to [email protected].