TEN7 Employee Handbook We’re so glad you’re here.

Our Culture

Our Culture

We’re proud of our values. We try to live and breathe them daily. We incorporate them into our work and communication with each other and our clients. They’re our foundation.

Our values


We speak the truth, even when it’s bad news. We don’t keep things to ourselves. We promise things we know we can deliver on. We greatly value an honest relationship.


We are aware of our actions and how they affect you and the larger community. We are mindful of your need for quality and timely results. We recognize that we all have something to contribute.


We are altruists at heart. We share our expertise, processes and experiences to benefit the community. We do so without expectation.

Speaking Plainly

We build trust by being patient translators and putting ourselves in your shoes. We help you understand what you want and what you need. We realize jargon is difficult, so we work hard to hire people with empathy.

Above the Line/Below the Line

As you heard in the “Know Yourself First” video, TEN7 is proponent of above the line and below the line behaviors. The line represents the threshold between laudable behavior (“above the line”) and harmful behavior (“below the line”).

It’s everyone’s duty to keep an eye out and hold each other accountable to these behaviors. When you observe behavior that’s above or below the imaginary line that our values define, you should say something, whether in person, via email, or in Slack. Here are some examples of behaviors that are above and below the line:

Acknowledge Mistakes
"My Mistake!"
Teach Each Other Ask for Help
Collective Success Perseverance "Ok—Let's do that"
Getting others to consider advice

"That's not my fault" Not asking for help Whining
Not taking the time to help someone understand Avoiding Ownership Hoarding Knowledge

Read more about what we believe and value on our blog.

DiSC Assessment

If you’re not familiar with the DiSC personality profile tool, you’re about to be! It’s another part of the foundation of TEN7. We have every team member take the assessment. You’ll find out where you are on the DiSC model and how this depicts your work style. You’ll also find out where other TEN7 team members are on the DiSC profile, so you’ll learn how to better understand and collaborate with your team members.

TEN7 first went through the DiSC assessment for the entire team in 2016, and it’s really helped us iterate our processes and resolve team issues and pain points.

The DiSC sorts people into four behavioral profiles. Can you guess what area best applies to you?

TEN7 Blueprint for Operations

We’ve worked hard to create and refine an efficient, thorough and rigorous software development process at TEN7. We’re documenting our philosophy and procedures in a document, “The TEN7 Blueprint for Operations.” In the spirit of open source, we’re going to be releasing it for public consumption. Whether you’re a developer or not, the Blueprint is worth a browse to see how even in software development, we pay attention to the people as much as the process.

Who We Like to Work With

We like to work with nice people who have interesting problems for us to solve, especially complex integrations. We also like to work with companies who work for social good. At the end of the day, we want our work to have a net positive impact. We want to leave the world a better place.