TEN7 Employee Handbook We’re so glad you’re here.

Our Benefits

Taking care of our employees is a top priority for us. Here’s a list of TEN7 benefits we’re excited to offer.

Health, Dental and Vision Insurance

Your coverage goes into effect on the first day of the first month after you start at TEN7. For example, if you start on January 14th, your coverage starts February 1st. Our team is located across the country, so we’ve chosen nationwide carriers that have coverage in the state in which you reside.


For health coverage, you can either participate in TEN7’s pre-tax group health insurance plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (even if you don’t live in MN), or you can choose your own coverage on the Individual health insurance market, with a post-tax stipend that can be put towards coverage of your choice.

Choose either TEN7’s Group Health Insurance TEN7 covers 100% of the employee’s monthly premium. You’re welcome to cover any number of family members on the same policy, at your own expense. Premium differences are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis. When selecting Group Health, you have the option to choose one of two available plans:


Individual Coverage
TEN7 provides a stipend of up to $450 per month, on a post-tax basis. You buy healthcare coverage on the individual market and show us what you spent. We will re-imburse you for that spend every payroll period.


TEN7 covers 100% of the employee’s monthly premium for 2021: Delta Dental PPO plus Premier Dental Access. You’re welcome to cover any number of family members on the same policy, at your own expense. Premium differences are automatically deducted from your paycheck on a pre-tax basis.


TEN7 covers 100% of the employee’s monthly premium for group vision coverage on the 2021: MN Premier Enhanced Eyewear Plan Opt II B through Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Life Insurance

You’ll receive $50,000 Basic Life insurance from Principal. You may purchase additional coverage at your own expense.


Upon hire, you can opt in to our 401(k) plan that has a 4% match, and no vesting period. You can also roll over funds from other eligible accounts. When determining your 401(k) contribution amount, take into account what you’ve contributed during the calendar year so far, so you don’t go over the IRS contribution maximum.

Guideline can help you with 401(k) issues as well.

Gusto Cashout

This is a free, no-fee way to access up to $500 between paydays. Use Cashout to cover an unexpected expense or manage large bills.

Technology Stipend

As a distributed agency, we know how important it is to have reliable technology. We expect you to have current and working equipment so you’re able to effectively do your job.

We give you an annual $1,500 stipend to use towards technology or work-related services that best suits your needs. The stipend will be deposited on your PEX card on a monthly basis, beginning the first full month following your hire date. Please note:

  • The equipment or service you buy must be wholly funded by the stipend (i.e. you can’t use a $1,500 stipend towards a $3,000 computer).
  • If you’re a new employee, you may request an advance to purchase a major piece of equipment.
  • Any equipment purchased that costs more than $499, is the property of TEN7.

Examples of appropriate uses of the stipend:

  • Computer, tablet, monitor or phone
  • External hard drive, keyboard, mouse, microphone, headset
  • Setting up your home office (buying furniture, etc.)
  • Internet service, cell phone service

TEN7 covers the cost for required software and tools, such as licenses for PHPStorm, the Adobe suite of products, JIRA, etc as well as a professional quality headset.

If your computer is on the fritz or in need of repair, TEN7 will provide you with a temporary, loaner laptop at our discretion.

In addition, you’ll have access to discounts from the Apple Store through TEN7. Contact @dani in Slack to get signed up.

Carbon Offset

TEN7 cares about our environment. To that end, we purchase an Employee Renewable Energy Bundle and an Employee Water Bundle for every team member. Each quarter, you will receive a Renewable Energy Certificate and a Water Restoration Certificate, and each will note the details of the energy or water program that benefits from the offset.

  • Listen to our podcast episode #53 where Ivan interviews the BEF representative who manages our certificates to learn more.


We offer the following days as paid holidays to enjoy time with family and friends:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Day

PTO is time for rest, travel and stepping away from your computer. Upon hire, you’ll accrue paid time off at a rate of 0.25 days per week worked, which is equivalent to 13 days annually.

  • You may use PTO for vacation, personal days and sick days.
  • PTO requests should be in increments of 4 hours, or 1/2 day. If you need to take off less than 1/2 a day, there’s no need to request that time as PTO. We trust that you’ll make up the time later in the week. Although you accrue PTO hours throughout the year, it is not meant to be requested on an hourly basis, but rather on a daily or half-daily basis.
  • If you request time off on a particular day and you end up working for part of that day (ex. you request 8 hours off on a Monday but for whatever reason you work for 2 hours that day), please feel free to take off a couple hours early later in the week to make sure you recoup your PTO, as it can’t be added back to your total accrual after the fact.
  • If you need more paid time off than you’ve earned, it’s okay for you to take a few days in advance of earning them, as long as it’s approved beforehand.
  • PTO increases are reviewed annually.
  • Any PTO you have remaining at the end of the year will roll over to the following year and will continue to accrue only until you’ve reached your avaialable maximum. As an example, let’s say you have 10 days of available PTO per year. If, at the end of X year, you have 5 days remaining, those 5 days will roll over to the following year and will continue to accrue until you’ve accrued 10 total days for that year (your maximum).

In addition to your PTO days, you have two paid days off annually to use for professional development. You can find additional details about this in the Professional Development section of this handbook.

Personal Wellness time

In addition to the PTO you accrue, you also receive 6 Personal Wellness days (48h) on the first of every year. This is for time you need to take for anything health-related: doctors appts, illness, mental health and/or rest.


When it’s time to get vaccinated — for COVID, the flu, or MMR — please take the time you need to do so. There’s no need to request this time off in Gusto as long as you won’t be away for more than 2 hours. Please make sure your time is blocked off on your calendar and then log it in Harvest under TEN7 Time Off 2021 > Vaccinations.

TEN7 will pay for your transportation costs to and from getting your vaccination: bus, Uber, train, or miles on a car. Please submit your transportation costs/mileage to: [email protected], and we’ll reimburse you $0.56/mile.

Parental Leave

As a new parent, it’s important that you have time to spend with the new addition to your family. That’s why all new parents who’ve worked at TEN7 for six months may take two weeks paid parental leave. You may then use accumulated PTO and Short Term Disability for additional paid time off, up to 12 weeks. How you schedule the two weeks around the birth is up to you.


We’re excited to offer paid sabbatical leave to long-term TEN7 employees. After you’ve been working at TEN7 as a full-time employee for four years, you can take a four-week — that’s 20 business days — paid sabbatical during your fifth year of employment. Sabbaticals should be taken within one year of eligibility and won’t roll over beyond that time period. We encourage you to take this time to go on an adventure, follow a passion, or work on a creative project—just grow and rejuvenate. This benefit repeats for every four years that you’re a full time employee. Listen to our podcast on Employee Sabbaticals to learn more.


In the unfortunate event that you experience the loss of a family member or friend, TEN7 will pay for up to three days of leave.

Jury Duty

If you’re called to serve on a jury, you’ll receive your full pay for up to five days while you’re serving. However, if jury duty runs longer than five days, TEN7 won’t cover your pay starting on the sixth business day of jury duty.

Professional Development

TEN7 encourages employees to keep learning and growing professionally. You’ll receive a $1,500 annual stipend, plus two additional paid days off to use towards a conference or an educational experience of your choosing (including books).


If you are presenting at a conference or other event as a TEN7 representative, you can log up to 20 hours of time under the TEN7 Marketing project in Harvest for the time you need to prepare for your presentation.

Planning for Time Off

When you need to take time off for any reason, communicate with your teammates to make sure nothing slips through the cracks while you’re out.

To request time off, you will log in to your Gusto account and enter the dates needed for PTO, personal wellness, vaccinations, parental leave, sabbatical, bereavement, jury duty or professional development.

Once you receive an email that your request has been approved, a calendar invite will automatically be set up for you, so everyone else can see you’ll be out.

If you need to edit or delete your PTO request, adjust the Gusto request.

Visit the following Google Drive document for the step-by-step process to request PTO.

Logging PTO in Harvest

Log your PTO time using the “TEN7 Time Off” project in Harvest, and select the appropriate task depending on why you took the time off.