We know, you’re just starting, and we’re already talking about you leaving! But we believe in being honest and open, even about leaving TEN7. Things change, life happens, and there are any number of reasons why someone may need to leave TEN7. People get nervous and embarrassed that they’re thinking of leaving. This sometimes leads to a clumsy exit process. Please remember that we’ve pretty much been through it all, and all we ask for is honesty and open communication during these transitions. TEN7 may sometimes seem like a family, but it’s certainly not a cult, and we realize that people will come and go.

Please Talk to Us First

Are you considering quitting because you’re unhappy, unfulfilled, or feeling frustrated? Please talk to us first! First and foremost, we want happy team members. If there’s anything TEN7 can do to keep or create your happiness, please let us know. We want to find the right fit for everyone, and we’re willing to see if maybe a different role would work better for you. Talk to someone.

Some Steps to Take Before You Leave

Darn. We can’t make it work? Ok, well, here’s what we hope you can do:

Give Us Advance Notice

We’re a tech company made up of humans, and we understand if you’d like to leave TEN7 and pursue other avenues. Please give notice as soon as you know you’re leaving. A minimum of two weeks is appreciated.

Tie Up Loose Ends

Forward your email, reassign your tasks, Google docs, etc.

Work on a Resignation Plan

Knowing when your last day is helps TEN7 plan for your and TEN7’s future. We will work together to decide when permissions will be removed, if (and when) COBRA starts, and more.

Last Paycheck Details

We will provide you the details of your last paycheck and when to expect it (this varies by state). We’ll sort out things like tech stipends and expense reimbursements.

Turn in Your Stuff

As part of your offboarding, we will provide a mailing address where we ask that you send any TEN7 property within 14 days following your notice.

This may include things like laptops, yubi keys, or other items purchased by TEN7.

Exit Interview

Upon leaving the company, TEN7 would love to hear your feedback. We will contact you for an exit interview.

Please remember that your employee agreement and client confidentiality remain in effect after you leave TEN7.